About Us

www.CampusConnect.in connecting 300+ colleges across India.Currently we have more than 300 colleges under this service, and the numbers are growing.As a part of the campusconnect programme, we have launched this service. The portal will provide a digital platform for school-college.

CampusConnect is designed for colleges, students and alumni who want to reconnect with old buddies or classmates through their college site.People can share their views or thoughts in online blog section. Now students can have their own college chat room in campus chat section. Friends who want to talk online; classmates or study partners; alumnus of colleges; anyone looking for their lost friends...you can now meet your friend's friend & communicate with anyone in your personal network. We are committed to ensuring that our site continues to deliver on the philosophy of community for which you trust & rely on us;& we hope you will join us in our efforts to ensure that CampusConnect stays healthy, growing and beautiful long into the future.